This June, our researchers and physicians join colleagues from around the world at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s 2023 annual meeting in Chicago. This year’s theme is Partnering with Patients: The Cornerstone of Cancer Care and Research. View full conference information and abstract titles.

Below are notable sessions featuring our faculty and trainees this year (see full listings of presenters at the links provided).

Friday, June 2

Clinical Science Symposium
New Partners for EGFR-Mutant Lung Cancer
Chair: Salman R. Punekar, MD
Time: 1–2:30 pm

Saturday, June 3

ARTISTRY-6: Nemvaleukin Alfa Monotherapy in Patients with Advanced Mucosal and Cutaneous Melanoma
Presenter: Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD
Abstract: TPS9592
Poster Board: 355a
Time: 1:15 pm

The Validity of a Machine Learning Algorithm in Predicting Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Melanoma
Presenter: Faisal Fa’ak, MBBS
Abstract: 9523
Poster Board: 286
Time: 1:15 pm

Ultrasensitive Detection and Monitoring of Central Nervous System Tumors from Plasma Using Personalized Whole-Genome CTDNA Profiling
Presenter: Matija Snuderl, MD
Abstract: 2064
Poster Board: 421
Time: 1:15 pm

Long-Term Outcomes of Pembrolizumab (Pembro) in Combination with Gemcitabine (Gem) and Concurrent Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy (RT) as Bladder Sparing Treatment for Muscle-Invasive Urothelial Cancer of the Bladder (MIUC): A Multicenter Phase 2 Trial
Presenter: Minas P. Economides, MD
Abstract: 4509
Poster Board: 1
Time: 3 pm

Sunday, June 4

Large Scale Evaluation of Pulmonary Nodule Workup: A Real-World Study of Over 150,000 Patients in New York State
Presenter: Vamsidhar Velcheti, MD, FACP, FCCP
Abstract: 8559
Poster Board: 186
Time: 8 am

Monday, June 5

Education Session
Defining the Patients at Risk for Developing Pancreatic Cancer
Chair: Diane M. Simeone, MD
Time: 9:45 am

Education Session
Where Do We Stand with Immunotherapy for Small-Cell Lung Cancer?
Speaker: Sally C. M. Lau, MD, MPH
Time: 3 pm

Oral Abstract Presentation
Preliminary Results From the Female Asian Nonsmoker Screening Study (FANSS)
Presenter: Elaine Shum, MD
Abstract: 8510
Time: 11:30 am

The Interventional Radiologist’s Perspective
Speaker: Ryan M. Hickey, MD
Time: 4:30 pm

SpotCheck: A Skin Cancer Diagnostic Clinical Trial Comparing Dermoscopy-Enhanced Telemedicine to In-Person Evaluation
Presenter: Jenne P. Ingrassia
Abstract: 1604
Poster Board: 198
Time: 1:15 pm

Tuesday, June 6

Oral Abstract Presentation
Disparities in Outcomes Among Hospitalized Unhoused Patients with Cancer in the US
Presenter: Kanan Shah, MD
Abstract: 6502
Time: 8 am

Publication Only Abstract

Real-World Clinical Outcomes in a U.S. Asian Population with Stage IV NSCLC Treated with Osimertinib (Osi) Stratified by EGFR Subtype
Senior Author: Elaine Shum, MD
Abstract: e21128