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Dual Portal Endoscopic Spine Surgery: Honing a Game Changer

Extremely minimally invasive endoscopic technique offers to greatly reduce postoperative pain and recovery times.

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Modified Oberlin Treats an Infant’s Erb’s Palsy


Preoperative Diagnosis: Injury of Right Brachial Plexus

The patient’s right upper extremity was held with shoulder internally rotated, elbow extended, wrist flexed, and forearm pronated. She demonstrated excellent triceps strength but had no biceps function. Moreover, she did not exhibit shoulder elevation or active wrist extension. The patient was referred for occupational therapy and splinting, with surgery ultimately deemed necessary.

Surgeon’s view of a large neuroma in the neck of an infant.
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A Successful Surgery

Upon exploration of the right brachial plexus, the C6 nerve was found to have significant scarring and lack of stimulus conduction. There was contractility of the deltoid with stimulation at 2 mA of C5 proximally, but no contractility with stimulation of C6. The team proceeded with the procedure that included neurolysis of the brachial plexus and double fascicular nerve transfer.

Surgeon’s view while identifying nerves in the patient’s arm.
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Long-Term Outpatient Rehabilitation

At 2-year follow-up, the patient demonstrated significant improvement. She had regained shoulder elevation to above 130 degrees, full passive shoulder external rotation, negative clarion, active elbow flexion, supination to 10 degrees, no elbow flexion contracture, and some active extension of the wrist.

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Surgeon’s view of nerves in the patient’s arm after transfer.
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The Foundations of Orthopedic Surgery: From the Hospital for Joint Diseases to NYU Langone

For a rich compilation of the history of orthopedics at our institution, see this recent issue of the Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Diseases.