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AI Refines QTc Interval Estimation in Atrial Fibrillation

New AI-driven QTc algorithm could generate clinically useful estimations.

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One-year heart transplant survival rate

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Transcatheter Aortic Valves (TAVRs)

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Radiation Therapy Treats Arrhythmia

Cardiac CT Scan

CT Provides A Foundation

A cardiac CT provides the anatomical foundation for radiation therapy used to treat arrhythmias that do not respond to ablation or medical therapy. The emerging approach uses multimodal imaging to precisely identify areas of the heart to irradiate.

SOURCE: NYU Langone Staff
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3D Map Of A Patient's Heart

A Personalized, Electroanatomic Map

First, electrophysiologists create a 3D map of a patient’s heart to display electrical activity and reveal the arrhythmia location.

SOURCE: NYU Langone Staff
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Non-Invasive Program Stimulation (NIPS)

Non-Invasive Program Stimulation (NIPS)

Using a technique known as non-invasive program stimulation, or NIPS, the arrhythmia is induced, and the next step is to map electrical activity during the arrhythmia.

SOURCE: NYU Langone Staff
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Cardiac CT Scan

Developing A Radiation Treatment Plan

Combining the images allows a multidisciplinary team to pinpoint the smallest area of tissue that can be irradiated with confidence (red boundary). The area encompasses the entire arrhythmia, while minimizing the risk of radiation exposure to other areas of the heart.

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SOURCE: NYU Langone Staff
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MINOCA: Precise Diagnosis is Crucial for Women with Heart Attack

Dr. Harmony G. Reynolds and a research team are proving that OCT and cardiac MRI and can clarify why many women have heart attacks without coronary artery narrowing. Read the interview.

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