The Annual Meeting of the American Urologic Association returned to New Orleans, and this year, physicians representing the Department of Urology at NYU Langone Health presented on topics ranging from cryoablative therapies for prostate cancer to gender-affirming surgery. View full conference information here.

Notable sessions at this year’s conference included:

Friday, May 13

Abstract Presentation
Systematic Review of the Impact of a Plant-Based Diet on Prostate Cancer Incidence and Outcomes
Authors: Natasha Gupta, MD, Jacob Taylor, MD, James Borin, MD, Kenneth Jacobsohn, MD, Stacey Kenfield, ScD, Scott Eggener, MD, Hiten Patel, MD, Carrie Price, Meena Davuluri, MD, Nataliya Byrne, Trinity Bivalacqua, MD, PhD, Stacy Loeb, MD
Speaker: Natasha Gupta

Abstract Presentation
Patient Perspectives in Genital Gender-Affirming Surgery: The Need for Patient Reported Outcome Measures
Authors: Nnenaya Agochukwu-Mmonu, MD, Elijah Castle, Lee C. Zhao, MD, Asa E. Radix, MD, PhD, Rachel Bluebond-Langner, MD, Daphna Harel, Danil V. Makarov, MD, Clarissa Ospina-Norvell, NP, Carolyn Berry, PhD
Speaker: Elijah Castle

Monday, May 16

Abstract Presentation
Outcomes of Penile Prosthesis Implantation in Transgender Neophallus: A Single Center Experience
Authors: Jesse Persily, Begoña Etcheverry, MD, Kirtishri Mishra, MD, Gaines Blasdel, Rachel Bluebond-Langer, MD, Lee C. Zhao, MD
Speaker: Jesse Persily

Abstract Presentation
5-year Oncologic Outcomes at a Single-Institution Following Focal Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer Management

Authors: Ashley Monaco, Jessica Sommer, Meredith Akerman, Anthony Corcoran, MD, Aaron E. Katz, MD
Speaker: Ashley Monaco

Abstract Presentation
A Prospective Longitudinal Study of Erectile Function Following Partial Gland Cryoablation for Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer
Authors: Sameer Thakker, James S. Wysock, MD, Rozalba Gogaj, MD, Herbert Lepor, MD
Speaker: Sameer Thakker

Abstract Presentation
Focal Cryotherapy and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Have Similar Oncologic and Functional Outcomes in Treatment of Low-to-Intermediate Unilobe Prostate Cancer
Authors: Ashley Monaco, Jessica Sommer, Chinyere Okpara, Jonathan Haas, MD, Anthony Corcoran, MD, Aaron E. Katz, MD
Speaker: Ashley Monaco